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Centralyze is an Investment Platform for high-value innovative biotechnologies, each of which specifically addresses the world's major diseases. Centralyze implements a lean start-up approach to technology commercialisation: Originate, Engage, Capitalize and Commercialize . This approach provideds a framework for leading technology to be investable, with a clear development path to value, delivered by commerical teams of experience. .

Commercialisation Support

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Centralyze understands the risks all investors face today, and the increasing need for diversification. We curate biotechnology commercialisation opportunities that sit outside of traditional asset classes. Centralyze supports each company through the entirity of the commercialisation process. This is achieved through a suite of services, which complement those of the development team.

Accelerating Life Sciences

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device
  • Medical Diagnostic
  • Gene & Phage Therapy
  • Regenerative Medicine

A New Way to Originate. Capitalise. Commercialise.

Centralyze is an Investment Platform for high-value innovative biotechnologies, which aim to addresses major global diseases.

Centralyze builds technology companies around leading research and commerical teams.

We bring confidence to investors by implementing the Centralyze Process: Originate, Engage, Capitalize and Commercialize.


Centralyze performs due diligence of select institutional IP through independent scientific, patent and market analysis.

Centralyze develops with seed investment, commercialization plan development, assignment of IP, corporate structuring and exit partner engagement.


Approved investors are invited to invest in the equity of our portfolio companies.

Milestone-based investment allows for a broad range of investors to come in at their preferred research stage and risk level.


Our portfolio companies receive back office and ongoing commercialisation support.

Investors are supported by company oversight, reporting and exit opportunity identification as the commercialisation concludes.

Upon successful completion of their commercialisation plan, each portfolio company is exited, whether it be a pharmaceutical company, venture capital, or through an IPO.

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